My apprentice blog can sometimes be a bit supercilious, mainly because it's easier to sit on the sidelines and criticise others then have a go yourself, you see it all the time. In life I'm a bit more of a "sleeves rolled up" and "get stuck in" type of guy, even so, last night was a real eye-opener. I had no idea how much money could be made so quickly from other folk's rubbish. It goes to prove the old adage about one man's trash being another man's treasure is still very true. And I take my hat off to both teams last night, this was a tough old task. So how did they fare? Well overall, pretty well, they all put a hard couple of days graft in. And of all the episodes I've watched over the years, this one really stretched the candidates and exposed just how entrepeneurial they really are. The business model was totally fluid, it shifted with every appointment they made, so whilst one opportunity was about being paid for time spent, another was about resale opportunity. It was clearly difficult for some of them to keep pace, and certainly Zoe Beresford, Venture's PM for the day struggled to duck and dive with any real skill. Susan (a bit painful at times) could have flown on this one. She seemed to have a real feel for the task and took the medal as far as I'm concerned for negotiating a pretty neat deal. Despite what this week's loser Edna might have you believe, it was Susan's quick thinking that landed them with extra copper rather than extra cash for the clearance job, which turned them a very healthy profit. Nice work. So this week's lesson is a lesson for us all. There's cash everywhere you look, you just have to know it when you see it and be prepared to work to turn it into something.